About BERG


The group has been established in 2017 at Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Wrocław, Poland). It is led by Dr. Radosław Michalski and consists from researchers, students and hobbyists willing to investigate blockchain.

Our understanding of blockchain

For us blockchain represents a complex network in which various phenomena can be observed. We would like to investigate that network in a scientific manner and provide tools and knowledge for the community that could do it too. Nowadays we focus on the blockchains of cryptocurrencies.

Our vision

We believe that nowadays progress requires collaboration and transparency. This is why we aim to gather the researchers and entusiasts around BERG for doing joint research on blockchain. Apart from that we enable other researchers to use our tools and release their source code. Lastly, in this place we will store all research papers of our group on blockchain, including students’ theses.

Our members

The list of BERG members can be found here